Anas Aremeyaw exposes Charles Adu Boahen in latest undercover documentary


Anas Aremeyaw is a Harvard-trained professor, revered and respected, trustworthy, dynamic, honest, decisive and the very definition of economic and development ingenuity.
Indeed, as dean, he directs, commands, decides, and carries out any behavior he desires within his department. A beloved son is proud to be shown as a devoted and outstanding disciple of our beloved President.
Meticulous about his deliverables, he digs and delves into the jobs, files, and other documents on his desk from morning to night. It is said that he drinks debit and eats at a daily basis.

Don dislikes debts disproportionate to mortal displeasure. It requires devotion, dedication, diligence from everyone and denounces all despicable acts.

Like a sniffer dog, he is deeply feared from afar by evil spirits and dragons engaged in dangerous and demonic affairs.
It is said that he can dig deep, detect and dissect suspicious behavior. No one to shake the balance sheet and dirty the bonds dare to come near his lair. Debt piled up against the devastating effects he loathed with deadly swords drawn.
If you fail in any way, on the day he comes to you, you will have no choice but to pay the price to avoid falling and being shaken.

Why this investigation?
Tiger Eye investigates high and mighty things. This time, our cameras have penetrated the impenetrable underworld of regulators whose business seals make Ghana attractive or unattractive to investors.
Numerous reports have cited corruption as the number one confidence killer of investors in Ghana. The banking crisis has exacerbated the already fragile situation of investor confidence. Who makes Ghana unattractive for investment? What is their modus operandi? Where do they operate from? Tiger Eye infiltrates and exposes regulators who made deals at the state’s expense.

“Confessions” and exhibitions

Charles Adu Boahen, Minister of State Finance at the Office of the President, revealed to Tiger Eye that Vice President, PhD, certain positions are held by an investor to the Vice President’s siblings. for his support and influence in setting up a business in Ghana.

The revelation came during a meeting with Tiger Eye investigators, who were in an undercover investigation posing as businessmen, in a hotel room in the United Arab Emirates. This is an investigation into high-profile corruption that is eroding investors’ confidence in Ghana.

According to Charles Adu Boahen, the VP only needs an appearance fee of $200,000 to leverage and support an investor.

Vice President Of Republic of Ghana

Then the businessmen are said to have asked him how an investor can get the attention of the Vice President and what should be granted to him when he is finally available.
“You mean, like court fees and all that?” I mean him, himself (Vice President), if you give him 200,000 (USD) or something like a token, as a thank you, appreciate it, that’s fine. He’s not really, he’s not really (like) that. All he needs is to worry about his campaign money in 2020,” revealed Charles Adu Boahen. He added that an investor should also consider opportunities for the vice president’s siblings to fully support him, in addition to the $200,000 appearance fee paid to him.
“So, if you come in with 3 or 4 projects and you say, we’re doing this, we’re doing it, (and) we’re willing to write a check for this, write a check (for that) See, he has a big family (The) Vice President has about 5 or 6 siblings.

So what could happen is; if you told him (Vice President) that, hey, I want to do this project, do you have someone I could work with that you would recommend to me? And then, you know, he (the vice president) would use it to immediately get his brother to work with us on a particular project. This is how we can work with him (the vice president).
Do you understand what I mean? Do you see what I’m saying? And the development of its enterprises,” added the Minister of Finance of the State at the Presidency of the Republic.

Adu Boahen, after being sprinkled with US dollars on the table in front of him and being told by the business magnate to use them for shopping, promised to introduce the tycoon to those powers; The President, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo, and Vice President, in Ghana.
According to Adu Boahen, this will make them, the supposed entity and tycoon, influential while they are in the country to set up their businesses.

He also pointed out how easy it would be to introduce supposed businessmen to the president at some point in their dealings. He explained that the president was his late father, the former campaign manager of the late Professor Adu Boahen. He also claims that the chairman is his uncle.
“So is the president himself, like my uncle. He was my father’s campaign manager when he was running for office. So he will also (in).

However, he concluded that the vice president is the most important authority to meet in the banking sector, hence the person to meet.
“But you know (that) at the operational level, the vice president is the guy who manages everything. So this is the person we should meet.

He was then asked how he could direct ‘business tycoons’ to the influential people in Ghana who could bring them influence while they were active in Ghana.
“Excellent. Excellent. You know, I just said (that) Isaac, that I have to introduce you to the Vice President. () The Vice President is a very nice person and he used to be the Deputy Governor of the Bank. Ghanaian goods. So if I told him you wanted to open a bank, he would like it that way.
As soon as you can, I have to introduce you. Because you know, even if I was going to handle something like that, it’s someone I have to include to some extent, even if it’s not all the details. Because, you know, it’s important for you to get to know him,” Charles said.
When asked at the meeting how much Charles Adu Boahen would have to pay to get them to invest about 500 million USD (US) in Ghana, he said he would take 20% of the money that would be invested as a commission for the services. mine. “Okay. It’s okay. Okay, let me think about that because (I) think we can work something out. Okay. Um! It’s tough. Sheik, what is the exact address? What should I call you? All right, Sheikh. Sheik, 20%,” he finally said.
That is after he gives the supposed contractors a chance to split him a percentage before the work is completed and the profit from that percentage will be his own. Or simply by giving him a finance fee and sharing the return of the investment with him.
Charles, in a similar case, told the supposed business tycoons that he only took the money he worked for. Instead of direct cash, he offers options for traders to inject cash into their real estate business.
“Let me give you an example. I own a real estate company, so we are in the real estate business. So we just finished an office building. … I don’t want (want) to make money I don’t work. You know, I believe in working for money. Let’s say we want to do affordable housing projects that cost $15 million, you can come and share that with me. If you bring in enough $15 million for the project, you can assign 20% of that $15 million to me and any interest I make from that 20%, I’ll keep. Or you put money to work and give me a 10% fundraising fee and then give me a share of the project revenue. Usually, we will make a profit maybe 25%, equity ratio is 30% dollars, when we do projects like this. So, it depends on how (what) you feel comfortable and how you want to work,” he said when making those choices.

He also tried to pressure the supposed legal entity to buy a debt instrument (bond), but failed because the “business magnates” were not interested in it.

“But you’re not allowed to buy a debt security?” You know, we issue bonds. You know, we just released these energy bonds. It is allowed; Can you buy bonds?

President’s minister and the cash

After all was said and done, the Minister of State Finance in the President’s office, seeing the piles of US dollars on the table for his purchases, began to spit out a lot of “thank you and we I will buy a lot” in appreciation. He pointed to the cash and asked if he could pack them in the cash-added black polythene bag. Charles, after taking the black polythene bag, shook it out and at the speed of light, put all the money in it with a smile on his face. He picked up his files and other documents, put them in a polythene bag, and left the room.
Meanwhile, Tiger Eye spoke with Dr. Gideon Boako, economic adviser and spokesman for the vice president’s office, to find out if there were any cases where the vice president authorized or discussed with any who to raise funds for his political ambitions or appearances no fees/token for an investor to meet him, VP. In response, Dr Gideon Boako told Tiger Eye that there was no such case or event that he could recall. “So, on top of my head and after being close to him, I would say no. I know how discreet and smart he is, the vice president, and he wouldn’t even dare to do that,” Dr Boako commented.

Same sequence
In the same sequence, there is a non-custodial attorney in a separate meeting. A senior lawyer and traditional leader, said he could not control or propose a package deal to Ghana’s President, H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, during a meeting in a hotel room. in the United Arab Emirates.
The attorney told investigators to Tiger Eye, posing as the business magnate, that he could not manipulate the president into making his bid. However, he will try to help them reach out to the President and his Vice President and some of the influencers of their business in Ghana.
“I will try. I will try my best. See, we’re talking about the president, so I can’t tell you I can control the president, but I can tell you I’ll do my best to accomplish whatever you want. want,” he said in conversation. . .
“You see, I think it’s a little early for me to start talking about these things. I mean about the package for the President and so on. To me, sir, money is important, but money is not everything. chief. That’s the relationship. When we have a good relationship, money will come. So don’t worry about the package, we can still (do it). You are a good man. So let’s put that aside. But in Ghana, when you start a business and attract local partners, you, the investor, have to keep at least 75%, which gives you control. At least, say, as far as banking is concerned,” he advised. He also said that he was instrumental in the appointment of Adu Boahene.

Charles was also recently pointed out by his own lawyer, attorney Martin Kpebu, of conflict of interest, bias and monopoly for the Minister of Finance to allow Adu Boahen’s Black Star Brokerage to be selected as a replacement. more experienced firms such as Strategic Africa Securities, Barclays Bank and Stanbic Bank in the bond market.

Anas Aremeyaw set to premier his GALAMSEY ECONOMY EXPOSE at Accra International Conference Centre (AICC) we supposed to take place on today 14th & Tuesday 15th November respectively, but he was told the auditorium is no longer available to premier the expose on a screen. Here is the PRESS RELEASE from Tiger Eye yesterday.

Credit by Safian Kafabah


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