Ghanaian Preschool Teachers Declare Nationwide Strike


Ghana’s preschool teachers have declared a nationwide strike to express their anger over the government’s appointment of the head of the Ghana Education Service.

The teachers’ union stated the reason for the dismissal of Dr. Eric Nkansah as the new general manager is that he is a banker and not a professional teacher.

In a statement they released, they said:

“Appointing bankers instead of educators reflects teachers’ lack of confidence in managing their own work,” they added.

Withdraw of services from all preschools

Teachers Unions on meeting

Public school kindergarten, kindergarten, primary, junior high as senior high schools’ students have no teachers in their classes due to the strike meaning this strike action

Members of the Ghana National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), the Ghana National Teachers Association (GNAT) and the Ghana Concerned Teachers Union have suspended their services to all pre-tertiary education institutions.

Three teachers’ unions, GNAT, NAGRAT and CCT, said the strike would continue until further notice.

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University teachers are on a nationwide strike

Ghanaian university teachers go on nationwide indefinite strike.

The teachers said the reason for their strike was the government’s failure to address issues related to their working conditions.

Members of her four public university unions in Ghana have issued a statement urging members to lay down the tools.

This is why, according to the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG), the Tertiary Education Workers Union (TEWU), the University of Ghana Senior Staff Association (SSA-UoG) and the Ghana University Administration Association (GAUA). Their strike shows the government’s inability to address off-campus issues related to fuel, vehicle maintenance, and benefits.

In a statement they released, they said:


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