Legacies of Smart Nana Kusi

The Aspiring Assembly member of Pokuase Abensu electoral area, Smart Nana Kusi has called on Government, NGOs and educational stakeholders to urgently prioritize the construction and development of infrastructure in basic and TVET schools across the country.

According to the Mr. Kusi, basic education and TVET in the country faces a number of challenges with infrastructure deficit being a central component that continues to hinder growth, especially in rural areas.

Hon. Smart Nana Kusi made the appeal when he donated over one thousand (1000) exercise Books worth millions of cedis and other learning materials to some Basic schools in the Abensu electoral area today.

Smart Nana Kusi

“I acknowledge the numerous educational improvements and enhancements that has been done in the secondary and tertiary levels of our education sector. Your government has done enormously well in the secondary sector of our education, but it will interest you to note that if we don’t take key steps in addressing issues at the basic and TVET levels, the secondary level will be a recipient of bad products from the basic schools.

“On behalf of the good people across the corners and quarters of this country, I’m begging you that, going forward, if it is possible, we should invest more in basic school infrastructure,” The Aspiring Assembly member of Pokuase Abensu electoral area, Smart Nana Kusi appealed.

Not only the donation of educational items to schools in the area, to mention few of his legacy, Smart Nana Kusi has also graded the Pokuase – Mayera Road to the Abensu Township making it commutable for motorist today, he has also constructed and rehabilitated some bridges to the adjoining communities, provision of Veronica buckets and distribution of sanitation bins to schools and households, donation of street Lights to the Abensu community, support the needy and donation of relief items to fire victims among others in the electoral area.

The Aspiring Assembly member took the opportunity to appeal to the good people of Abensu electoral area to Vote for him as their Assembly Member.


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