Censure motion against Ofori-Atta: Afenyo-Markin justifies Majority walkout


The majority in Parliament justified the decision to hold a march in the vote on the petition to reprimand the Minister of Finance, Ken Ofori-Atta.
The caucus said the petition lacked content and could do nothing.

Deputy Majority Leader Alexander Afenyo-Markin said this in an interview with Citi FM on Thursday.
According to him, his colleagues at the end of the aisle failed to act responsibly when they wanted to criticize the struggling minister.

“The special committee’s 44-page report contains neither conclusions nor recommendations. So what conclusions will we pursue the minister? What do we do? That’s a lot of advertising for nothing.

“It’s a political drama. Why attack someone’s reputation before gathering evidence? You have no proof, and you say we should vote for that person? Afenyo-Markin said.

MP Effutu added that the minority realized they did not need evidence to criticize the minister.

“So the Minority was actually arguing against the county and saying we should put the Minister on trial. So we, the Majority, won’t get in. The Minority has [was] superfluous. admit that it’s nothing, Afenyo-Markin said. Members of the Caucasus Majority staged a strike shortly before the vote on the fate of Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta.

The walkout was after the debate on the report of the censure motion
During the debate, K.T. Hammond, co-chair of the committee investigating the allegations against the minister, said they had found no evidence to support the allegations against Mr Ofori-Atta.
But this was contested by the co-chair of the special committee, Dr Dominic Ayine.

He insisted they had “irrefutable evidence” but were forced to reach a consensus on the petition. However, Osei Majority Leader Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu, when leading his group organizing the march, said they cannot be part of a baseless, politically motivated process.
“You [the minority] want us to follow you in this misfortune. Mr. Speaker, as Pontius Pilate did, we will shake our hands on that,” he said.
After the vote, the proposal was defeated because it did not get the required number of votes to pass.
Meanwhile, 136 minority MPs participated in the secret ballot to pass the motion of no confidence

Reported by:Safian Kafabah


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