Glorious Worship Life Center pastor Jennifer Esinam Asare, during a conversation with host Oseadeyo Kwame Efa on November 16, 2022 on Light TV’s mid-morning program “Oman Yi Daakye,” said: Right choice in choosing a life partner is very important before marriage.
She explained that wives should be able to manage the family wisely during these difficult times by helping the man take care of the house. She emphasized the phrase “don’t marry a fool” as stated in one of her books to explain why it’s important to make the right choices before marriage. When asked how wives can fulfill this role, she replied: “As I say in my book, don’t marry a fool.

Marry a woman who understands you and will submit to you even in difficult times. We all know how tough the economy has become and so even in this moment, women need to submit to and limit the lavish lifestyles they lived in during their affluence and suffer with her husband. She added that husbands should be proactive and so should wives. “Save while you can because nothing is permanent,” she says. She explains that God uses what you have to sustain you. Therefore, couples should pray and always consider God as their refuge.


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