The Chief of Uwasi in (Accra) with its origin in the Builsa Traditional Area of the Upper East Region has appealed to the government, NGOs and benevolent to assist the good people of Uwasa today build an ultra-modern community center.

The Chief of Uwasi, Naab Akanlusinaam Issah made the call when he urged the teeming youth of Uwasi and Ghana to actively participate in promoting peace before, during, and after the upcoming general elections.

As political activities increased during this election year, he called on the youth to remember their duty to be law-abiding citizens, respect the laws of Ghana, uphold ethical standards, practice good citizenship, and contribute positively to their community.

Naab Akanlusinaam advised the youth to pursue education to the highest level through formal education, self-learning, and study abroad opportunities.

The Uwasi chief encouraged them to explore gainful employment opportunities that align with their skills, interests, and passions.

Chief Akanlusinaam also appealed for electricity extension to all communities in the area.

He further appealed to the government to construct and rehabilitate feeder roads and culverts in the area.

He said the poor state of roads was not only hampering agricultural production and carting of food products to the marketing centres but also create hardships for the people during the cropping season. Naab Akanlusinaam who believes in proper education called for the rehabilitation of the community’s basic school.

Naab Akanlusinaam Issah

The Uwasi chief said the purpose of leadership is to bring people together to achieve a common goal, and called on the people to unite and cooperate to support him in his agenda for the people.

He appealed to the people to sacrifice a part from their earnings towards development projects back at home.


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