Ghanaians are far from ordinary, if one delves into the essence of the name ‘Ghana’, which signifies “King” in the Mali Language from which it originates. Embedded within this name is the implicit acknowledgment that every Ghanaian is endowed with royal qualities, related to kings and queens. Therefore, to label any Ghanaian as ‘ordinary’ is to fundamentally misunderstand the depth of our heritage and identity.

Our forebears bestowed this name upon our nation, recognizing the inherent wealth and prosperity that Ghana possesses. This wealth is not merely material; it encompasses our rich culture, abundant resources, and historical significance. To reduce a Ghanaian to the status of ‘ordinary’ is to diminish the greatness of our land and its people.

Consider, for instance, the discomfort one would feel being labelled as an “Ordinary Ashanti” or an “Ordinary Ewe.” Such labels undermine the unique contributions and heritage of each tribe within Ghana. Yet, ironically, as Ghanaians, we have indirectly accepted such dwarf terms due to a lack of understanding of the profound meaning contained in our nation’s name.

Our reluctance to embrace the term ‘ordinary’ stems from a deep-seated understanding of the exceptional nature of our land and its resources. Ghana’s wealth, whether natural, cultural, or historical, elevates us beyond the ordinary. It is this very possession that should shield us from being labelled as such.

However, our failure to grasp the significance of our own name has resulted in a perpetual cycle of disrespect and disregard. It is imperative that we reclaim our identity and demand the respect befitting a nation of kings and queens.

In conclusion, Ghanaians are not ordinary; we are heirs to a legacy of greatness, endowed with richness beyond measure. It is time we reject the demeaning labels imposed upon us and assert our rightful place as custodians of a land and heritage that is anything but ordinary.

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Save Ghana!  For a Better Future

By Robert Andzie Ansah the Founder of Save Ghana Movement.


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