The Save Ghana movement is actively seeking a constructive dialogue with His Excellency the vice president, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, the esteemed Vice President of Ghana. Their intention is to inquire about the promises he has made to the Ghanaian people, specifically regarding education. Initially, Dr. Bawumia pledged to provide free Wi-Fi access to every senior high school in the country. Now, as he pursues the presidency, he has further committed to ensuring that every school receives laptops.

In a respectful manner, the movement requests that Dr. Bawumia substantiate his progress in fulfilling his initial promise by citing a school that has benefited from the free Wi-Fi initiative. Additionally, they seek clarification on the laptop proposal: whether each student will receive a laptop or if there will be one laptop per class. Furthermore, they express their concern about the maintenance plan for these devices in case of technical issues.

The Save Ghana movement emphasizes the importance of having leaders who are not only visionary but also capable of turning their visions into reality. They express their weariness with unfulfilled promises made by previous leaders and urge the New Patriotic Party (NPP) delegates to take this sentiment into account when selecting their flag bearer.

The movement’s desire is for the NPP delegates to understand the significance of choosing a flag bearer who prioritizes the nation’s well-being over personal interests. It is crucial to select an individual who genuinely has the best interests of the country at heart. Christians place their trust in Jesus as their leader, while Muslims trust in Mohammed as their leader. As Ghanaians, we must question whether we can place our trust in our leaders.

Furthermore, the Save Ghana movement also seeks to address several inquiries to the former president, requesting answers. They express particular concern about the decision of NDC delegates to elect him as the party’s flag bearer and extend their congratulations (“Ayekooo”) on the nomination. Currently, they request that the former president enlighten them about the nature of the presidency. Specifically, they wish to understand why promises of prosperity are made to citizens, yet these commitments remain unfulfilled when in power.

If the former president is unable to adequately explain or disclose the truth, the Save Ghana movement advises Ghanaians against re-electing him until he reveals the individuals obstructing our country’s progress. Furthermore, they acknowledge that as the people, we also contribute significantly to the challenges and cannot solely blame the president. It is important to recognize our own responsibility in creating and addressing the issues we face


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