Nii Tetteh Ofatse Dza Nyomo II

The Kwabenya Traditional Council and the entire youth have chosen to focus on unity and peaceful co-existence to climax this year’s celebration of the Yam, Twins and Homowo festival.

The Yam and Twins Festivals are celebrated annually ahead of the Homowo festival.

As part of the 2023 Yam, Twins and Homowo festivals, the Activities would be as follow:

Nii Tetteh Ofatse Dza Nyomo II

1. Health Walk 22nd July 2023

2. Clean-Up exercise 2nd August 2023

3. Health Screening exercise 3rd August 2023

4. Football gala 5th August 2023

5.Street Carnival/Jams 6th August 2023

The Kwabenya Traditional Council and together with the hard-working youth of Kwabenya and Musuku intend to the 2023 festivities a remarkable one.

The principal kingmakers, accredited elders together with the heads of the families of the royal ruling houses of the Kwabenya Stools will join to celebrate this year’s Yam festival to feed the stools of all the past kings who reigned as kings of the Kwabenya Traditional Council.

The festival is aimed at purifying the stools of the past kings with the blood of cows and sheep to strengthen the stools to protect lives and properties of the people of Kwabenya and Musuku.

Nii Tetteh Ofatse Dza Nyomo II

The colorful ceremony will attract dignitaries from far and near including some chiefs and queen mothers from the various traditional councils in the Ga State.

The occasion will be characterized by drumming, dancing and singing of traditional songs as well as the display of rich Ga culture and tradition.

Visitors at the ceremony would be welcomed by some chiefs and elders including the Musuku mantse, Nii Tetteh Ofatse Dza Nyomo II, the son of the Late Kwabenya Musuku Mantse, Nii Mensah Dza Nyomo I with the pouring of libation in line with the Ga customs and traditions.

Addressing the media on behalf of the Traditional Council ahead of the event, Nii Tetteh Ofatse II expressed profound appreciation to the chiefs, elders and the good people of Kwabenya and Musuku for supporting to ascend the Stools which is the stool of their ancestors.  

He called for unity amongst the chiefs, elders and youth in Kwabenya and Musuku to help propel socio-economic development and growth.

Nii Tetteh Ofatse Dza Nyomo II

Nii Tetteh Ofatse Dza Nyomo II said the entire chiefs and elders of the Traditional area is very passionate about the peace and unity of Kwabenya and Musuku.

 He stressed that: “Our unity as citizens of Kwabenya Musuku is paramount,” urging all citizens to join him and assist in the social and infrastructure development processes going on.

The upcoming Yam festival, twins’ festival and Homowo Festival starts from 22-07-2023


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