Health benefits of boiled orange leaves with milk.


Our health is the most essential thing in life. When we disregard our health, diseases that could have been easily been prevented at an early stage would get enough time to grow and damage our health.

Drugs that are manufactured are made from these herbs around. Many people do take those drugs neglecting those herbs not knowing that they can do wonders to their health.

Here is how to prepare orange leaves and milk to help you cure these diseases.
Pluck some orange leaves and wash them with saline water. Add about 50 ml of water and boil for 5 minutes. Allow to cool down and filter the leaves to remain with plain water. Add milk to the water and then your citrus tea is ready to drink.

Here are the health benefits of taking citrus tea.
It rich in antioxidants
Citrus tea has antioxidants properties that help prevent the effect of free radicals in the body. It also has anti-aging benefits as it prevents the body cells from aging quickly which is mostly triggered by stress.

It prevents you from cancer.
The antioxidants properties present in citrus tea also help to prevent cancer. It destroys bacteria that lead to cancerous growth in various parts of the body. The flavonoids present in citrus tea also prevent cancer cells.

It helps to promote heart health.
Citrus tea helps to promote a healthy heart. It helps prevent any cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure, also it helps lower cholesterol levels which might lead to heart problems.

It has anti-inflammatory properties.
Inflammation is simply the way the body’s immune system responds once an injury is sustained in the body. When you take this citrus tea Frequently it prevents body inflammations thus preventing the body from viruses, fungi, and bacteria .


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