Kintampo Rains

Flood waters have claimed the life of a six-year-old and left a four-year-old girl missing at Kintampo, a town in the Bono-East Region.

The six-year-old died after the tricycle she was travelling in was swept away by an overflowing river, after heavy rains in the area.

A search team found her body on Monday morning, and is still in search of the four-year-old.

Speaking to Newsmen, the uncle of the deceased child, Mr Amponsah said eyewitnesses said his niece held on to the tree branch but she lost grip of it after it broke. However, rescuers who attempted to save her delayed, which resulted in her death.

He added that it was until Monday morning, July 17 that her body was found and has since been deposited in the morgue.

The grieving grandmother of the missing four-year-old said since her granddaughter had still not been found, they had to perform some rituals so that they retrieve her body.

She expressed the hope that after the ceremony her grandchild would be found.

Meanwhile, personnel of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) are on a search for the missing four-year-old child.

Speaking to Newsmen, the Director of NADMO for the area, A. B. Mohammed, said they were working around the clock to ensure that the girl is found.

He said the search has not been easy because the area is busy and the river bank was still overflowing, therefore, they had to exercise some restraint.

“Until the girl is found, we will not relax. There are areas that the [river] has deposited a lot of sand, so it’s even possible that, the sand will cover the body of the small girl, you know the girl is only four years old.

He advised that all residents living close to the river bank tread cautiously to avoid a repetition of such occurrences. The latest incident brings to six the number of deaths caused by floods in this quarter alone.  


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