The founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sufficient Grace Theocracy Hospital, Apostle Dr. Kamiel Agbalenyo has made an urgent appeal to telecommunications companies (Telcos) in the country to utilize a mast constructed by the Seventh-Day Theocratic World Congregation in the Akwapim South Municipality of the Eastern Region.

 The purpose is to enhance communication services in the Ga North and Ga West Municipalities of the Greater Accra Region.

The church, known as Shallom Shallom, is situated at Otiakorm in the Akwapim South Municipality but shares boundaries with villages in the Ga North and Ga West, including Pokuase-Akatapo and Dedeiman have been suffering communications blackouts over the years.

Speaking to Vision1 FM News, Apostle Dr. Agbalenyo highlighted the lack of social amenities such as schools, hospitals, and telecommunications in these areas.

Apostle Dr. Kamiel Agbalenyo

In response, the church has taken the initiative to build an ultra-modern hospital, a basic school, and a secondary school to serve the nearby communities.

Apostle Dr. Agbalenyo, founder and leader of the church expressed concern about the communication challenges in the area and emphasized the need for the church to erect a mast to attract telecommunications companies to provide services to the people in those areas.

Despite completing the facility, when approached, a leading telecommunications company declined to extend its services to the area, citing the minimal number of subscribers as a business hindrance.

The telcos’ refusal to provide service has left residents in these areas cut off from the communication grid.

Apostle Dr. Agbalenyo lamented the situation, revealing that all necessary permits from the Assembly and the Environmental Protection Agency were obtained for the smooth operationalization of the mast.

However, the mast has remained unused since completion leaving people in these areas cut off from communicating with their families outside the areas.

He took the opportunity to further appeal to the Telcos to rescind their earlier decision and provide service to the people in the area as part of their Social Corporate Responsibility.  

Apostle Dr. Kamiel Agbalenyo


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