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The Chief Executive Officer of Profecy Scientific Herbal Clinic, Noble Dr. Elijah Mensah Bonsu has cautioned that the excessive alcohol intake, abuse of painkillers and aphrodisiacs is killing both genders in Ghana slowly, especially men.

The Chief Executive Officer of the award-winning facility widely known of its treatment of chronic kidney related diseases warned that more men are dying of kidney diseases than women due to excessive alcohol intake and sexual enhancing drugs (aphrodisiacs) that can cause eternal health damage to one’s kidney.

According to the Health Officer, the indiscriminate use of aphrodisiacs is gradually becoming a major cause of kidney failure in Ghana.

‘’More men are dying of kidney diseases than women due to the high-level intake of alcohol and sexual enhancing drugs that can cause eternal health damages to one’s kidney’’, Noble Dr. Elijah Mensah Bonsu disclosed this during a Health press briefing in Kumasi on Thursday October 05, 2023.

He noted that excessive use of carbonated drinks also creates major problems for the kidney to perform its functions to the brim.

Dr. Mensah Bonsu noted that, although all genders are reporting issues of kidney failure, most of the reported cases turn out to be men who have consistently used aphrodisiacs, abuse of Painkillers and too much of Alcohol to enhance their sexual drive.

“I’m once again warning the public, these aphrodisiacs and abuse of Painkillers have substances that destroy your kidney beyond repairs, that’s why i have consistently embarked on massive education on the need to ensure kidney health by avoiding certain practices,” he stated.

According to health expert, while in some countries people in their 60s and 70s those often diagnosed to have kidney issues, the situation is different in Ghana as it is prevalent among persons in their 30s and 40s.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Dr Opoku Ware Ampomah has expressed concern about the alarming rise in kidney-related

diseases, disclosing that 17% of the Ghanaian population is suffering from kidney problems.


Dr Opoku Ware added that about bout 5 million Ghanaians suffering from kidney diseases. A situation he described as worrying.

According to him, about 700 kidney patients recorded in their registry were in need of constant dialysis treatment.

Noble Dr. Elijah Mensah Bonsu is by this chance urging the General public to visit Profecy Scientific Herbal Clinic in the Ashanti region, Abrepo school Junction (KG), opposite the Fitting shop for regular checkups, treatments and diagnosis of all kinds of disease.

Noble Dr. Elijah Mensah Bonsu

Persons coming from Accra should alight at Tech -Junction and Abrepo car and alight at school Junction (KG Bus stop).

Persons from other destinations should kindly contact Doctor on 0245786747 / 0592952227


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