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The Save Ghana Movement has described Ghanaian leaders as supervisors overseeing slaves.

The Movement believes the courage to foster authentic progress in the country is conspicuously absent. The situation is reminiscent of a father within a household, whose family has been reduced to collateral and thus has lost its authority and influence over family matters. External forces now dictate the family’s decisions, effectively transforming the family into subjects who are under the dominion of someone outside its boundaries. This dynamic renders the father as more of a supervisor to subordinates, rather than the nurturing head of the family, leading to a parallel between this circumstance and that of a supervisor overseeing slaves.

1.If our leaders are not cowards, why can’t they say no to certain things that no self-respecting country would accept? A father wouldn’t allow a stranger to dictate what’s harmful to his family. Leaders should stand firm for their people, especially if they are not dependent on external forces for their needs.

2.Over 32 years, our leaders have failed to develop the country or educate citizens on governance. There’s been no evidence of their willingness to change the current state of affairs. Many Ghanaians leave the country in search of a better life elsewhere, reflecting a lack of hope in their birthplace.

3.The recent visit of the American vice president to Ghana, with the display of LGBTQ+ rainbow colors at the state House, raises concern about external influence. Offering financial incentives for accepting LGBTQ+ and the subsequent bill by Ghana’s Parliament indicates potential consequences, given our reliance on the USA.

Rober Andzie Ansah. Founder of the Save Ghana Movement Asks, as just as Christian’s trust Jesus and Muslims trust Mohammed, can we trust our leaders as a nation?


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