Dr. Kwame Kyei made comments regarding King Faisal’s allegations.



The attention of the office of the BoD Chairman of Kumasi Asante Kotoko SC, Dr. Kwame Kyei, has been drawn to some publications on all the social media platforms that says he has procured a Kumasi based club, King Faisal FC. The publication also went on to say that it was through the acquisition of the said club that he used to obtain a partnership with a club based in Saudi Arabia.

The public is hereby advised to note the following:

1. There has not been any acquisition of any club by Dr. Kwame Kyei except Bekwai Youth Football Academy which is now Nation’s FC which was purchased by his sons about two seasons ago.

2. As a true Asante who is also a royal from Kumasi Nzema and Wiamoase and also a son of the former chief of Wiamoase, he understands and appreciates the worth of the Asante Kingdom. Therefore, he wouldn’t engage in any activity that will provoke or bring shame to the Kingdom.

3. Dr. Kwame Kyei deems it a privilege to be called by Asantehene and handed over one of the priceless assets of the Kingdom to lead as the BoD Chairman.

4. In view of paragraph one, he (Dr. Kwame Kyei) cherish so much the honour done him by the most revered Asantehene.

5. He has no intention to make the King regrets the honor on any day.

6. Dr. Kwame Kyei was only approached by Alhaji Grunzah and requested to allow his team King Faisal use his newly acquired and modernized stadium to host their home league matches.

7. That the public is advised to disregard the rumour going round that he has purchased King Faisal from Alhaji Grunzah. However, he has only allowed King Faisal to use his stadium since it’s also a club from Ashanti Region without charging them


8. Fact is that, the Dr. Kwame Kyei Sports Complex was acquired and refurbished for Asante Kotoko SC and that anytime Kotoko is ready to switch to there as their home ground the gates are opened for them.

9. The public is once again advised to disregard such publications and also treat it with the contempt that is deserving of it.

10. Kotoko is his pride, soul and everything!

Thank you


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