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I Helped My ‘Pastor-Husband’ To Come To The US, But He Left After Two Months – US-Based Ghanaian Lady


A US-based Ghanaian woman has disclosed that she helped her husband and pastor secure a green card to the States, but he left her for another woman in a few months.

In an exclusive interview on ‘Daily Hustle Worldwide,’ Maame Afua (fictitious) revealed that her husband got paralyzed after their marriage in Ghana. Soon after he got better, Maame Afua began processes to help him.

However, two months after he arrived, his attitude changed. According to Maame Afua, they had a little misunderstanding, and he left for a different state.

“I called him, and he said he was in a different state, but I know it was a lie. I called his family, and they didn’t say anything. We’ve been married for eight years, but he’s been here for three years. We’ve only lived together for two months. He says he hasn’t divorced me, but I don’t know where he is,” she narrated.

Maame Afua added that she applied for a loan to begin the process for him to travel to the US. According to her, he did not pay or support her in paying off the debt.

The mother of three revealed that her husband’s family has refused to accept their divorce until their son has approved it. She further indicated that her lawyer served him the divorce papers, but he refused to sign them.

“When we met, he was every lady’s dream man. We spoke often and had great conversations. I would say he was my soulmate,” Maame Afua added.



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