All members of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU), will from today, Tuesday, November 23, 2021, wear red armbands as a protest signal to alert the government of its intended strike on Monday, November 29, 2021.

Head of Communications for GPRTU, Abass Moro says the action is to compel the government to reduce the price of a liter of fuel by GHS 1.50.Speaking to Vision1 FM Kofi Yesu on phone interview, Abass Moro said members of his union will embark on an indefinite strike if the government fails to address their demands by Sunday. Abass Moro said Drivers of commercial cars, tipper trucks, articulators, and cargo trucks should wear red bands because we are fighting.

So come Sunday, if our problem is not resolved, we have no option than to send the signal that from Monday, no commercial vehicle will be working. In any case, if you are outside Accra, it is up to you to decide on when you return before we begin the strike. In Ghana, this has led to petrol, for example, reaching as high as GHS 6.990 per liter which have led to threats to increase transport fares. The Coalition of Private Transport Operators last week threatened to embark on a strike over the many taxes on petroleum products, which they blame for the high fuel prices, but the action was called off after a meeting with the government.

Meanwhile, the True Drivers transport Union has also threatened to surprise the government over his resistance to reduce fuel prices. The Public Relations Officer for the True Drivers union, Yaw Barimah was wondering why the government had turned deaf ears to the plight of motorists after several calls to reduce the fuel prices. The driver union is also unhappy about the government’s decision to abrogate the road toll levy instead of reducing fuel prices. They have issued a four-day ultimatum to the government; else they will hit the streets with red armbands on their vehicles.


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