crediting a fallen elephant undeservingly; an act of sheer folly

Kweku Ampong

Kweku Ampong writes:
Few days ago, social media particularly has witnessed protracted tango over which political party and individuals take credit for Bawjiase – Obrachire – Akropong road project. Sequentially, the NPP in Awutu Senya West just like the reflection of their national party have demonstrated their pathological dishonesty through cacophonous choruses. 

They have unjustifiably mounted spirited and developed blazing penchant for giving unmeritourous credit to a failed Former MP on their ticket, George Andah who was rated 12% for his performance by Political Science Department of the University of Ghana in 2020 as part of their assessment of legislators of the 7th Parliament. 

It is now clear, the unfortunate agenda of gratuitous smearing of impeccable Gizella Tetteh-Agbotui is an orchestration rooted in revenge by George Andah and his henchmen. It’s about time George Andah appreciate the science of modern politics. He should know the game of politics is a complex one and that his retrogressive and uncouth politics that won him power in 2016 will not prevail in 2024 because dynamics and circumstances have changed. The momentum that politics gather today goes beyond mere propaganda.

What is shocking and laughable is the spirited claim that George Andah even in opposition is lobbying for projects for the constituency. A typical example for demystification was the acquisition of land from Nananom for the supposed construction of a district hospital where his hirelings erroneously claim George Andah was the one who facilitated it just to fertilise his come back agenda.They are struggling by all means to whitewash and purge George Andah to pose him angelic by crediting him things he could not do as MP with all the privileges and authority at his disposal, classic case of lack of good sense. 

If he could lobby for things in opposition, why not lobby for the completion of Bawjiase astro turf (incomplete and shoddy works), Beraku durbar ground (poor quality pavement and incomplete), shoddy works on Bontrase drains etc (incomplete in 4 years) yet he has no shame. He has instead mustered fake effrontery to be hiding behind people to engage in politics of deception.

In their desperation to deceive innocent constituents, they are caught in absurdity, crediting the Fallen Elephant umeriterious and Undeservingly. Truth is sacrosanct and it shall surely prevail over falsehood. Politics has to be done with candour and diligence.

Source: Kweku Ampong (Awutu Senya West) Central Region.


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