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Man assults wife for starting business without his permission


A video shows a woman whose eyes are swollen to the extent that she can’t see anything with tears rolling down her cheeks when she tries to open them.

Reports say the woman’s husband beat her up for starting a business without his prior authorization. The woman, believed to be in her 50s, revealed that her husband has repeatedly stopped her from starting any small business that could earn her income although he doesn’t provide her money for the upkeep of the house. She disclosed that her husband, whose name is not made public yet, has sometimes locked up her goods in the toilet to prevent her from carrying out her business.

Her predicament was shared by @auntLanda on her Instagram page and it has left many users of the platform heartbroken.

Below was @auntLanda’s post:

It is so heartbreaking that a partner …meant to protect her… beat her so bad…just because she insists on doing business…and her eyes are a reaction to medication she was giving after he beat her…,” @auntLanda captioned the video.


“She said her husband always prevent her from doing business.

“Each time she starts doing something the husband will not give the children upkeep and finally he ends up locking her goods inside the toilet. He resulted in beating her when she demanded her good and in the process of the man beating her their dog bite her on the leg.

“The neighbors rushed her to the hospital and the aftermath of the drug prescribed is the swollen eyes. “It is frustrating that some of the victims of domestic violence…tend to run back to their abusers…without making sure they have gotten help…. but these women are not just statistics … they are people’s daughters… mothers… sisters…



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